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Calling For A Biden/Harris Recall Election - Eugene R. Dunn


According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, less than a third of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy. And an overwhelming 94 percent say they are worried about spiking prices as inflation climbs to a 40 year high.

As part of the aforementioned 94 percent who lived through the Jimmy Carter era as a teenager—the darkest time of my life—it scares me now more as an experienced adult about the direction this administration is taking us in. I’m already hearing the Carter-esque term stagflation coming into play. Can misery index be far behind?

Though we barely made it through to the 1980 election that brought us Ronald Reagan’s optimistic “morning in America” campaign, I have grave concerns about whether this country can limp over the 2024 finish line with Biden/Harris at the helm.

Therefore, I’m calling for someone in Congress—anyone who has mercy on the American people—to enact legislation that calls for the immediate recall of the Biden/Harris administration.

Notice I mentioned VP Harris as well? She would likely be an even more colossal train wreck than Biden, which is what’s keeping Biden propped up as his mental decline accelerates.

We have recall elections for unpopular/unfit governors in states as California and Wisconsin, to name a few. Why can’t we have one for an obvious failure of an American presidential administration as well?

Yes, what I’m suggesting here has never been done before. But we’ve never had an American president this negligent, incompetent, inept and indifferent to the job of being president. It’s clearly elder abuse having Biden serve as president and it’s even infinitely more of an abuse on the American people who have to live under his failed leadership.

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