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The Real Person To Question About Stolen 2020 Election - Eugene R. Dunn


What I found most disconcerting about Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump was his stance, “I told him I believe he lost the supposedly ‘rigged, stolen’ election. I repeatedly pointed out his failure to produce any evidence of the widespread voter fraud he insists occurred to rob him of his presidency. . .”

To me, the onus of proving the election was rigged is completely backwards thinking and was never on Trump to begin with.

Since the election, we’ve definitively found out that the Democrats spied on Trump’s campaign, the Russian Collusion hoax was an orchestrated smear campaign designed to damage his candidacy and presidency, not to mention the first impeachment hearing that charged him with the crime that Joe Biden is actually on videotape admitting to.

The deck was never so stacked against a sitting American president by a conspiracy of political opponents, the DC bureaucracy and the media that together would lie, cheat and steal every chance it got to damage the man and his administration—even to the point of committing treasonous crimes that they knew they could get away with.

Now given this backdrop of institutional malfeasance, coupled with the fact that six swing states were suspiciously shut down in the middle of Election night—states that Trump won in 2016—how does this not raise a red flag with any normal rational thinking person that the election wasn’t rigged?

Just once I’d like to see a reporter spell out these indisputable facts to President Biden and challenge him to explain why we should consider his presidency legitimate—particularly since he’s made every decision since taking office that goes against the best interests of Americans.

And the fact that no one has done it to date coupled with the media censoring me for daring to ask this question, only makes me more suspicious that I’m on the right track!

The writer is founder of the website

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