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The legendary radio personality and equal-opportunity offender delivers authentic and unapologetic takes on the state of everything—from politics to sports, and pop culture to fitness—all with his inimitable style and humor.

“Sid Rosenberg writes the way he talks: fast and blunt. His book is entertaining and provides the reader insight into a guy who hit the bottom but pulled himself up to great success. You’ll get your money’s worth and more.” —Bill O’Reilly, Media Guy

Phonies and frauds, beware. Whether you’re an athlete, entertainer, or politician—Sid Rosenberg leaves nobody unscathed.

Sid helps navigate the tough topics of today, clearly laying out his thoughts and opinions in the one-of-a-kind style and charm that has made him one of the top radio and TV talents in the country. He also provides a “call-to-action” to the reader with his Sid-izen Solutions at the end of each hot-topic chapter.

“Every person is born with a filter between their brain and their mouth. Sid Rosenberg was born without one. Anything he thinks of he says. Love him or hate him…he’s the real deal.” —Chazz Palminteri

A must-read for the politically incorrect, Sid-izens United: Salacious Spiels, Stories, Suggestions, and Solutions to Withstand a Woke World captures Sid at his best—showing once again why his radio show reaches millions of devoted Sid-izens each week.

“Sid Rosenberg is New York personified—caustic, unfiltered, hilarious, and with a huge heart. The bad boy of radio dispenses ripping tales about fame, sport, and politics in his new book. But the sweet bonus is the wisdom he learned from the school of hard knocks on how to succeed at marriage and fatherhood.” —Miranda Devine

“I’ve known Sid since he was a customer service agent for a company nobody ever heard of. The fact that I would care what he has to say about world politics or society as a whole is as shocking to me as it is to you, but here I am laughing and crying while hearing his unmistakably unique voice in my ears as I turn the pages of this book. Sid’s a talented creator, an unapologetic and gifted performer in a sea of copycats and unoriginal thoughts. He simply stands out. We share some of the same demons and I’m beyond proud to see him overcome them and succeed as he has and become the father and man that his dad would be so proud of. I have no idea what a Sid-izen is, and I’m terrified now that I might be one.” —Craig Carton

Sid-izens United by Sid Rosenberg

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