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Dear President Trump,

Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country.

The America First Warehouse is a grassroots, family-owned event center and production studio – and the most patriotic venue in the country.

America is under assault. Our mission is to advance the America First agenda, save America from a totalitarian new world order and tyranny, and Make America Great Again. The America First Warehouse is the tip of the spear for the America First movement in the Northeast. We assert that only GOD, our human agency, and the America First agenda can save our beloved constitutional republic.

Special America First guests who have been to The Warehouse include: Rudy and Andrew Giuliani, Tom Homan, Kash Patel, Monica Crowley, Kellyanne Conway, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dave Brat, Scott LoBaido, and Terrence Williams. General Flynn is scheduled to come May 12th.

As you are the leader of the America First movement, we would be incredibly honored to host you at The America First Warehouse. We know you will absolutely love it!

GOD Bless You, and GOD Bless America.

Special Message to President Trump:

Presenting The America First Warehouse:

AMAC Interview with Joe the Box:

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