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Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud


There is a difference between evidence and proof. Signed affidavits are actually evidence. 2020 election fraud can be proved by a preponderance of the evidence. However, there has been precious little adjudication of the evidence. Carefully watch this 16-½ minute video and be sure to read scrolling data points when the voice narration ends at about the 13:45 mark:

Out of ~9,000 vote updates, the election was decided by 4 extreme vote updates EACH with a probability of less than 0.1%. Had these 4 extreme updates had not happened, Trump would have won. All 4 occurred in 3 states – Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin – within a 5-hour window in the middle of the night when we were told that counting had stopped AND after Trump was leading substantially at 11:59pm on election night. One extreme vote update example from Michigan: 141,258 Biden votes versus 5,968 Trump votes – a statistical anomaly to say the least.


Additionally, consider the following:

  • Trump won MORE VOTES than any sitting president in history and increased his 2016 results by 12 million votes! Never before has incumbent president lost re-election when increasing number of votes received.

  • Trump won every bellwether county except one … 18 of 19!

  • Trump won EVERY traditional bellwether state – Iowa, Florida, and Ohio. Every winner since 1960 has won these states — until Trump in 2020!

  • Trump won all 27 battleground US House races in 2020.

  • Counties: Biden won 81 million votes and 509 counties while Trump won 74 million votes and 2,547 counties, according to data aggregated by the Brookings Institute. Obama won 69 million votes and 873 counties in 2008.

  • Many state election laws (e.g., GA, PA, WI) were illegally ignored to favor Biden.

  • New voter registration dramatically favored Republicans in states such as PA.

  • Trump won more non-white votes than any GOP candidate since 1960 AND Trump won more women and voters of color in 2020 than he did in 2016.

  • Time-lapsed video comparisons from recorded live TV reveal tallied Trump votes suddenly dropping substantially.

  • Coordinated stoppage of counting in 6 swing states.

  • Ballot Drop Boxes being stuffed – see the movie 2000 Mules.

  • Election Watch, a Wisconsin election integrity watchdog organization, discovered over 150,000 votes cast in 2020 cannot be connected with a valid address – which makes them illegal per Wisconsin law.

  • Many statisticians said that Biden’s victory was statistically impossible.


CONCLUSION: We have zero doubt Trump won handily. We look forward to the rightful return of President Trump in January 2025 – to Save America and Make America Great Again.

Election Fraud – The Most Important Issue of Our Time

An Exposé by Connell Friel, President of the American Family Advocates

May 18, 2023


No other issue in American history matters more than ensuring our elections are free from fraud and corruption, and completely and verifiable fair. All other cultural and socio-economic issues are subsumed by this one penultimate issue. Because, if corrupt politicians believe they are no longer accountable to the electorate, there will be no check on their tyrannical radicalism.




The 2020 Presidential Election – Statistical and Common-Sense Evidence

Evidence of Massive Fraud in Six Key Swing States

Books, Movies, and Other Reports Documenting a Stolen Election

Our Political Class Have Been Making It Easier to Steal Elections for Decades

It Was Not Just the 2020 Presidential Election That Was Stolen

New York State Elections Are Fatally Compromised

The Most Important Issue of Our Time

Essential Election Reforms


American Family Advocates


The 2020 Presidential Election – Statistical and Common-Sense Evidence

In 2020, the media would have you believe that Joe Biden won more than 80 million votes, more votes than any president in American history. However, in more than 70% of counties in the United States, Biden received fewer votes than Obama did in 2008, yet we are to believe, in 2020, Biden received nearly 12 million more votes than Obama.

Biden even vastly underperformed Hillary Clinton’s nationwide votes totals in the overwhelming majority of counties. If Hillary Clinton only received 65 million votes, how is it possible Biden received 15 million more votes than Clinton. 

Bellwether counties are counties scattered around the United States that reliable pick the presidential winner every four years. Incredibly, Biden lost 18 of the 19 “bellwether” counties. This is a statistical impossibility.

No challenger in US history has ever unseated an incumbent president when the challenger’s party lost seats in the US House of Representatives. Biden and the democrats lost every one of the 27 contested house seats.  

At midnight on Election Day, Trump was leading in the five swing states by hundreds of thousands of votes. Then, an unprecedented event occurred, in the middle of the night, these swing states inexplicably stopped counting, and when they finally resumed, Biden was suddenly in the lead. Then, in what can only be characterized as another statistical impossibility, Dominion voting systems began allocating the same ratio of votes to both President Trump and Biden, ensuring Biden stayed ahead.  

In 2005, a report by former President Jimmy Carter stated, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” In the 2020 election, we saw tens of thousands of votes from deceased people and people who moved out of state, record number of ballots adjudicated and altered in the adjudication process, minimal or no signature verification, and postmark backdating.

Thousands of illegal actions occurred around the election: the same ballots were scanned repeatedly (without the tabulators being reset); mysterious truckloads of ballots were shipped interstate and arrived in counting centers many hours after the deadline; voter registration data in swing states was fraught with irregularities, and Republican poll watchers and challengers were denied the right to inspect the counting process and, in many cases, ejected from the vote counting venues.

Under penalty of perjury, thousands of United States citizens filed affidavits in all of the swing states attesting to massive and extensive election fraud.

Actual tallies in Michigan’s public records show weighted numbers of votes received, showing vote tallies in fractional numbers with decimals. These are reports of actual voter totals. There is no logical place for decimals in a system that is supposed to be counting one person, one vote. Vote counts with decimals prove that the voting system used algorithms.  They prove the actual vote tally has been manipulated and was fraudulent.

In another statistical impossibility, in Michigan, Republicans led Democrats 41% to 39% in returned mail-in ballots, yet Biden somehow led Trump 69.3% to 29.6% in mail-in votes.

Questions have surrounded Dominion and other voting systems for years. Before 2020, both mainstream media and Democrat senators raised serious concerns about their vulnerabilities. The 2020 election saw multiple incidents of the machines switching votes from Trump to Biden. An independently verified analysis shows a 2-3% shift in votes for Biden in counties that used Dominion.

In Oct. 2020, Dominion’s parent company received $400 million raised by UBS Securities LLC, where three out of four board members were Chinese.

Prior to the election, Eric Coomer, a senior executive from Dominion Voting Systems, was recorded on an Antifa conference call bragging that he “made sure Trump was not going to win.”


Evidence of Massive Fraud in Six Key Swing States

From Why the 2020 Election was Unverifiable, by Joe Fried



At an Arizona Senate Committee hearing on January 24, 2022, we learned that precisely 95 percent of Maricopa County overseas military members (and their families) voted for Joe Biden. That is an impossible percentage, given that the overall county-wide vote was fairly even between Biden and Trump (51 to 49%).

Incredibly, the “ballots” were simply unsourced sheets of copy paper. And even more unbelievably, the number of ballots had jumped dramatically, from 1,600 in election year 2016, to 9,600 in election year 2020. Exactly 95 percent of the votes were for Joe Biden. It was estimated that these copy paper ballots provided 8,000 net votes to Biden, who ostensibly only won the state by just over 10,000 votes.

And all this fraud was just from a single county, Maricopa County, in Arizona. In Pima County, a witness named Kathleen Alby testified that “thousands” of “military faxes” were processed: “At one point that’s all that they were processing were the faxed ones.” And, as in Maricopa County, there was no chain-of-custody documentation.



Garland Favorito is the head of, and has a forty-year background in information technology. In a detailed press conference, Favorito and his cyber experts itemized fifteen categories of ballot irregularities found during their analysis of ballot images acquired from Fulton County, Georgia.


The number of unsupportable ballots found for this one county is forty-five times larger than Biden’s margin of victory for the entire state. Here are just five of the 15 findings:

  1. Although it takes one second to scan a ballot, there are over 4,000 ballots with precisely the same timestamp -- to the second. This is an impossibility.

  2. 16,034 mail-in ballot authentication (sha) files were added several days after scanning. Also, impossible.

  3. There are no ballot images to support 17,724 final certified recount presidential votes.

  4. There are no images to support 374,128 “certified” in-person votes, which is a violation of both federal and Georgia law.

  5. 132,284 mail-in ballot images have no authentication files.



Before the 2020 election, the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, implemented an illegal procedure that seriously undermined the integrity of the election. Benson announced that all signatures would be presumptively valid – even if they were only slightly similar to registration signatures. The announcement was, effectively, an invitation to fraudsters to grab all the unused ballot applications they could find or buy; and fill them out and send them in.

Trump opposed Benson’s new procedure, and he ended up winning in court – four months after the election. In March, 2021, State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray: “Nowhere in this state’s election law has the Legislature indicated that signatures are to be presumed valid...”  By using an illegal standard for processing of signatures, and by announcing that new standard in advance so that fraudsters could exploit it, Benson effectively invalidated the Michigan election certification.



Three months before the 2020 election, the Democrat administration in Nevada passed a law that gutted election controls, and made the 2020 election impossible to certify with credibility. Under the new Nevada law, all registered voters were automatically mailed ballots (not just applications). In 2020, this created mountains of unused ballots because lots of registered voters are not interested in voting, are not necessarily citizens, may have already moved to a new location, or are already “living” in the city cemetery.

Jay Greenberg, a journalist with Neon News, reported that thousands of ballots were being mailed to inactive voters in Democrat Clark County: “The vote-by-mail envelopes are piling up in post office trays, outside apartment complexes, and on community bulletin boards in and around Las Vegas.”

In Clark County you just had to walk into any large apartment building, go to the mailbox area, scoop up a handful of ballots, sign them, and mail them in. There was no ID required, and it was very hard to fail a signature test in Nevada. That is still true today. The new Nevada law, coupled with its lack of an ID requirement, made the 2020 election unverifiable.



When the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth certified the election on November 24, 2020, there were 202,377 more ballots cast than the number of people shown to have voted. This irrefutable fact is one of several reasons many Pennsylvania legislators wanted Vice President Mike Pence to delay counting the electoral votes on January 6, 2021. On December 28, 2020 (well before the January 6th debacle), Pennsylvania Representative Frank Ryan issued a lengthy statement on behalf of himself and 16 other PA legislators. It had this title: “Numbers Don’t Add Up, Certification of Presidential Results Premature and in Error.” A reading of the Pennsylvania Code (25 PA. Stat. §3154) suggests that the certification may have violated Commonwealth law.

The statute states that, if there is a significant unidentified excess of votes cast over persons who voted, there must be an investigation before the votes are recorded. There was no investigation. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania secretary simply noted that four counties had not yet submitted their voter information. Months after the election, the slowpoke counties finally submitted their voter information, and there no longer was a discrepancy of 202,377 votes. However, the remaining excess of ballots over voters was (and is) over 90,000, and that number exceeds Biden’s winning margin of 81,000 votes. In other words, it is likely that the election was and remains illegal under Pennsylvania law, and unverifiable under any credible audit standard.



In an effort to spot possible irregularities, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty did a statistical analysis of the top ten voter turnout changes for Republican wards and Democrat wards. In Democrat Madison Ward 124, the voter turnout increased by an impossible 1,285 percent. That impossible increase could explain why Madison refused to provide ballot access to post-election auditors.

The sharp increase in Madison’s voter turnout is best explained by the 200 drop boxes that were placed in the Democrat stronghold for special voting days called “Democracy in the Park” (a two-day, Biden-promoted event of very questionable legality).  The Ward 124 anomaly has never been investigated.

Books, Movies, and Other Reports Documenting a Stolen Election

In his report, The Navarro Report, Peter Navarro provides abundant evidence that the presidential election results resulted from widespread fraud, ballot-stuffing, and other election irregularities. It demonstrates that the democrats succeeded in tipping the election to Biden with a flood of illegal votes. 

Mollie Hemingway wrote a book about the 2020 election.  Its title was Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.  It is a comprehensive story of the numerous ways the left orchestrated Biden’s fraudulent and illegal victory.

David Bossie released his film, also titled Rigged.  It exposed the scheme perpetrated by Mark Zuckerberg using his "Zuckerbucks" in the amount of $400M to fraudulently ensure a Biden victory.

Dinesh D'Souza's made a film entitled, 2000 Mules.  This film exposes and explains how paid criminal "mules", in numerous states, stuffed those drop boxes that Zuckerberg paid for with many thousands of ballots faked or harvested.  Using geo-tracking of cell phones, True the Vote  uncovered more than two thousand people who were paid by a variety of leftist non-profit groups to stuff those drop boxes, over and over again.

Mike Lindell, in his Cyber Symposium has thoroughly exposed systemic and pervasive, domestic and foreign, cyber-election fraud. Lindell estimates that close to 3,000 cyber-attacks occurred from around the world on November 3rd and 4th, 2020. He has identified 20 attacks alone where Trump votes were flipped for Biden votes and were enough to change the election outcome.  Notice the timestamp, source, and target I.P. address, and the number of Trump votes flipped to Biden.  This evidence demonstrates irrefutable foreign interference in our election.  The evidence is hard proof that cannot be changed, altered, or explained away. 


Our Political Class Have Been Making It Easier to Steal Elections for Decades

For decades, Democrats, with the complicity of many Republicans, have been using the following methods to steal elections, often justifying them on minority civil rights grounds:

  • Motor voter registration (people are registered when they get a driver's license), creating a massive number of registered voters, most of whom do not vote. And then their ballots can be illegally used by party operatives to cast illegal votes.

  • Refusing to clean up voter registration rolls, creating millions of registrations tied to people who died or relocated. And then their ballots can be illegally used by party operatives to cast illegal votes.

  • Banning ID requirements at polling places.

  • Banning poll workers from comparing signatures on ballot sign-up sheets or mail-in envelopes to those on record.

  • Same-day registration.

  • Extending voting from a single day to a month-long period, allowing fraud to be perpetrated over a far longer period of time.

  • Absentee voting for anyone who desires.

  • Mailing ballots to every registered voter.

  • Voting only by mail.

  • Ballot-harvesting, which allows party operatives to collect ballots from voters and submit them.  Harvesters can then fill out ballots for those who they want to win, and simply dispose of ballots for those who they want to lose.

  • Judges and bureaucrats extending the voting deadline.

  • Throwing out mail-in envelopes to make it impossible to determine which ballots are fraudulent.

  • Party operatives obtaining and completing thousands of blank ballots.

  • Repeatedly feeding the same ballots into the voting machines or into the vote tabulators.

It Was Not Just the 2020 Presidential Election That Was Stolen

Introduction of David Walker’s The 2020 Election Coup How the Democrats and Their Allies Stole the 2020 Presidential Election

The compounding tragedy is that the massive voter fraud impacted more than just the presidential election where Trump clearly won. That is, he won before the concerted effort to count ballots over and over again, illegal ballots, empty ballots filled out by machines, mail-in ballots without signatures, pristine ballots that never would have survived the U.S. mail in that condition.

  1. John James also had the U.S. senator election in Michigan stolen from him. He was leading before the flood of illegal ballots, and the illegal pushing out of legal observers at counting stations in Detroit.

  2. In addition, the fraud in Kelly Loeffler’s US Senate election in Georgia prevented her from attaining 50% of the vote. And then the election was stolen in a clearly illegal run-off election in 2021. Her fellow Georgia senator, David Perdue, was also the victim of fraud and forced into and illegal and fraudulent run-off election in 2021.

  3. Nick Freitas really won the U.S. representative election in Virginia’s 7th district against Abigail Spanberger. He had a clear lead until more ballots were suddenly discovered on a flash drive. Most of the votes on that drive were for Spanberger.

  4. Sean Parnell should have easily defeated Conor Lamb in the U.S. representative election in Pennsylvania’s 17th district. But the illegal shenanigans around mail-in voting allowed by the Democrat governor, the Democrat secretary of the commonwealth, and the Pennsylvania supreme court to fraudulently allow Lamb to eke out a win. Unbelievably, there were 60,000 more votes than voters in Lamb’s district!


How many other U.S. representative elections in 2020 were won illegally by the Democrats? The truth is simple: The Republicans should have been in control of the presidency, the senate, and the house of representatives after the 2020 general election—if it had been run fairly and openly. The 2020 election was stolen, plain and simple. The 2020 election was a coup of the first order. An illegal coup was staged against the people of the United States during the 2020 general election.

New York State Elections Are Fatally Compromised

From New York Citizens Audit, A Study in Deficits

In the wake of the 2020 fraudulent elections, New York Citizens Audit, a patriotic and freedom-loving New York based citizen’s group, organized for the purpose of performing an open-source audit of the New York State Board of Elections.  Their findings are both astonishing and disturbing.

  1. They found that the New York State “official statewide voter registration list” is completely unreliable and fraught with fraud.

  2. 1,170,790 individual New York State registered voters, inexplicably have 2,427,827 unique New York State voter ID numbers attached to them. This is purposeful fraud on an astronomical scale.

  3. New York State Board of Elections Voter Rolls and New York County Voter Rolls contain millions of irregular voter registrations. This means that New York State is in unmitigated violation of the 2002 federal law entitled Help America Vote Act.

  4. An astounding 38 % of the New York State 2020 general election Senate and Assembly races were uncertifiable.

  5. Voter rolls maintained by New York City, Dutchess county, and Onondaga county, show 195,271 votes cast in the 2020 general election, which are not recorded in the New York State Board of Elections voter rolls. Voter rolls maintained by Erie county and Nassau county, show 28,369 votes cast in the 2020 general election, which are not recorded in the New York State Board of Elections voter rolls. There is no known explanation for these discrepancies.

  6. 1,106,646 registrations in the voter rolls were made on federal holidays, for which there is no known explanation. 640,792 of these were registered for the 2020 general election, and 365,737 of these voted in the 2020 election.

  7. 1,900,000 voter registrations in the state voter rolls are missing from the individual county voter rolls. There is no known explanation for this discrepancy.

  8. In just six New York State counties, there were 625,359 more voter registrations than there were voting-age citizens.

  9. There were 338,356 more votes cast in the 2020 general election than there were voters who voted.

  10. There were 740,396 ineligible votes cast statewide in the 2020 general election.


This data documents over 1,000,000 felony violations of New York State Election Law. As a consequence, in the 2020 New York State general election, ninety-five (95) State and Federal legislation races should not have been certified.  The New York State Board of Elections, whether by dereliction of duty or deliberate malfeasance, is indisputably altering the legal outcomes of elections in New York State.

The Most Important Issue of Our Time

An honest assessment of the 2020 presidential election evidence points to a Trump landslide victory.  It is now clear that in 2020, the United States was subjected to a massive, well-organized, and all-encompassing coup. Mostly Democrat politicians, bureaucrats, and party operatives were responsible. But also involved were many traitorous elected Republican representatives and officials. And of course, almost all of the establishment media has turned a blind eye to the devastating mountains of evidence. But worst of all, our most trusted and revered legal and law-enforcement institutions have been completely compromised and were complicit.

Appallingly, it was not just the 2020 presidential election that was stolen, the same fraudulent methods were used to steal many 2020 Republican House and Senate seats. And because no serious reforms have yet been enacted, many of the 2022 midterm election contests were similarly stolen. 

No other issue in American history matters more than election integrity. All other critical cultural and socio-economic issues are subsumed by this one penultimate issue. Because, if corrupt politicians believe they are no longer accountable to the electorate (as they now do), there will be no check on their tyrannical radicalism (as there now isn’t).  This is why, in just a little more than two years, our country has so quickly devolved into a hellish tyranny, where the American family is under a withering attack. This attack on the American family has manifested itself in thousands of ways. Here is just a small sampling of these manifestations of tyranny:

  • The National School Boards Association, a left-wing special interest group, coordinated with the Biden White House to label parents as domestic terrorists, and at their behest, the Justice Department operationalized counterterrorism tools against these concerned school parents.

  • A Catholic pro-life father of seven children, Mark Houck, defended his 12-year-old son from the profanity-laced verbal attack of a Planned Parenthood abortion worker.  Two years after that incident, more than 20 FBI agents, with guns drawn, raided his home in front of his wife and children. Mark Houck was arrested and prosecuted on trumped-up charges. Thank God a jury of his peers acquitted him on all counts in about one hour. In a very similar incident, Paul Vaughn, a pro-life father of eleven children, was also arrested at gunpoint by the FBI in front of his wife and children for an incident that occurred more than a year earlier. He was also charged and is now being prosecuted, even though his only purported “crime” was to prayerfully and peacefully protest at an abortion facility.

  • A leaked FBI document outlined an FBI plan to spy on devout Catholics. The leaked document suggests that the FBI should monitor traditional Catholics through “the development of sources with access” including in “places of worship.” The document describes these traditional Catholics as, Radical-traditional Catholics or “RTCs”. The document further states that these Catholics can be characterized as: rejecting Vatican II as a valid church council, having disdain for most of the popes elected since Vatican II, and having frequent adherence to anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, and white supremacist ideology. 

  • Under the guise of “gender-affirming care” Joe Biden and his Administration are promoting and instituting policies horrifically targeting gender-confused children to be placed on dangerous, experimental, and life-altering puberty blockers, and to undergo body-mutilating surgeries.

How do we now get back the country so many of our fellow countrymen sacrificed their lives for? Where do we go from here to restore our precious republic to its former glory? 

We must pray to God to become firmly rooted in the truth.  We must courageously proclaim the eternal truth of God and restore His moral imperative. Because at its core, this is not a political battle, but a spiritual one. Our Founding Fathers knew that if America were to survive and flourish, God must be at the center of our lives and our laws. This is all clearly reflected in our founding documents. 

Unfortunately, we have lost our way and must now relearn this essential lesson of governance. We must compel our few remaining good and trusted elected officials, as well as our fellow citizens, to become courageous, and vocal, and active. We must dismantle the corrupted institutions, and roll back the fraudulent election systems, rules, and regulations.  And we must hold accountable those responsible for the fraud and corruption.

Essential Election Reforms

To begin the process of restoring election integrity to our nation, below are some concrete measures that must be enacted.

1.    Voting must take place on a single day, Election Day.

2.    Photo identification and signature verification must be required before any voter enters a voting booth.

3.    The voter registration rolls must be completely cleaned up. In violation of election law, they are currently being purposely stocked with illegitimate voters whose identities are then used to cast fraudulent ballots.

4.    Election evidence must be protected, and individuals perpetrating election fraud must be prosecuted.

5.    We must require an absolute, iron-clad, chain of custody for ballots.

6.    We must repeal laws that allow for unattended drop boxes for ballots.

7.    We must require all ballots to have verifiable and auditable features.

8.    Government employees and political operatives must be forbidden from running election polling places.

9.    We must mandate comprehensive audit recounts.

10.  We must repeal the Motor Voter Act, which forced states to implement automatic voter registration simultaneously with applying for driver’s licenses or public assistance.

11.   We must abolish paperless computerized voting equipment. There needs to be a paper trail that can be referenced and audited any time there are questions of fraud.

12.   We must increase voting transparency by opening the process and letting the voters monitor their own elections.

13.   We must mandate that vote counting is done in public and that the results are immediately made public.

14.   We must abolish same-day voting registration.

15.   We must repeal all laws allowing for no-excuse absentee balloting.

16.   We must reinstate local precincts and abolish the major metropolitan counting areas where ballots are counted in large counting facilities, where rampant fraud has been found.

17.   We must require paper voter sign-in sheets.

18.   We must abolish all ranked-choice voting. This is a complicated system that requires voters to assign a rank to each candidate, whether they support that candidate or not.


Failure is not an option in this crusade to reverse the moral decay and restore our country to what is good, true and beautiful. I believe God is not yet done with the United States of America. So now it is our turn. It is our generation’s time to save America from tyranny. Our great-grandfathers and grandfathers defeated tyranny in World War I, and our grandfathers and fathers defeated it in World War II. Now it is our time and we must do our part.

This time, however, the enemy is not in a faraway country or on the other side of a great ocean. The enemy is far more insidious because it is inside our borders and scattered among us. Therefore, we must strap on the armor of God and we must pursue the truth, no matter where it takes us – and we must do what is right, no matter what the cost.


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