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The America First Warehouse

Proudly Endorses

Donald J. Trump

To Be Our Next President

June 5th, 2023



America is under assault ... Truth, Freedom, our beloved Constitution, our Sovereignty, the American Dream, and the American Way of Life ... are all under assault from the leftist Marxists who seek to impose a totalitarian, new-world order.



To save America from tyranny and Make America Great Again.



  • Advance and implement the America First agenda – Essential Liberty; Constitutionally Limited Government; Military Superiority; Free-market Economy; Fiscal Responsibility; Border Security and National Sovereignty; Opportunity for All; and Energy Independence – a national security priority and needed to maximize broad prosperity.

  • Return Donald J. Trump, leader of the America First movement, to the White House in January 2025.


  • Executive experience in the private sector as well as government – the President is the Chief Executive of the Executive Branch.

  • No on-the-job training required.

  • Proven track record of success:

    • Restored American Energy Independence – major economic and national security issue.

    • Real Economic Growth – income growth favoring low- and middle-income workers.

    • Border Security – lowered illegal crossings over the southern border by over 80%.

    • Foreign Policy – No new wars; Peace in the Middle East; NATO accountability.

  • Substance and policy results count more than style and mean tweets!

  • Unequivocally loves America. Cannot be bought and will never sellout the American people!

  • Dems, RINOs, the deep state, and globalists all despise and fear him.

  • Exposed the D.C. swamp as one of the greatest threats to our liberty and representative democracy.

  • The country needs a battle-hardened fearless leader to defeat the left and Save America.

  • No other person in the world more investigated; no one other than Jesus Christ more vilified – and, no, we’re not comparing Trump to Jesus ... though GOD tends to choose the unexpected.

  • Medical autonomy, parental rights, the 2nd amendment, and the sanctity of life.

  • Proven defender of freedom, the Constitution, and Judeo-Christian principles – all of which are under assault by the left which seeks only power and control over We the People.

  • Leader of the America First movement – needed to Save America and the world from tyranny.

  • BONUS: Trump won in 2020 – based on a preponderance of evidence!

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