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America Must Put God First
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Dear Fellow Believer in Christ,

We are excited to announce a joint endeavor between The America First Warehouse with Joe the Box, Real America’s Voice with Host David Zere, and The Mordecai Mission Organization with Pastor William Green. Along with associated Christian Ministries, Churches, and Organizations, we aim to establish a Christian stronghold in the State of New York and across the Country. We pray to build relationships with fellow Pastors and Leaders to support the building, edification, and well-being of all.

Our state and nation are facing unprecedented times, with our religious rights, freedoms, and constitution at stake. As the Body of Christ, we are collaborating to take a bold stand and action plan to reestablish righteousness within our nation. We live in a time of attacks on our faith, government, and legislation.

We invite you to our upcoming summit, spearheaded by The America First Warehouse. These events will feature Monthly Summits until November 2024, including a Live Podcast with a 3-person Panel, Networking Session, and Light Refreshments. The summits will be aired on several Televised Networks.

Event Details:

  • Official Launch: Saturday, July 13, 2024

  • Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST

  • Venue: The America First Warehouse, 90 13th Avenue – Unit 4 Ronkonkoma, NY 11719


For further information, call us at 917-302-3382 or visit our website at

Register and donate via

Special Note to Affiliates and Sponsors:


As we aim to impact our nation with solutions and legislation through education and livestream podcasts to restore America’s foundational principles and greatness, we invite you to join this movement. This affiliation between your entity or organization will establish a partnership with the AFW and M.M Summit Project, ensuring active participation and access to summit information.


Affiliate Perks and Privileges:

  • Your logo is on our digital newsletter, which has an audience reach of 12K+ via email and social media platforms.

  • Sponsorship credits are available for summit promotions, the website, social media, and Ticket Spice.

  • Brand marketing promotional giveaways and opportunities to distribute products, brand marketing items, coupons, and gift cards during monthly summits.

  • Promotional business incentives (e.g., use promo code MM15 or TAFW15 for a 15% product or service discount).


Affiliate Role:

  • Attend several of our Live Zoom Meetings.

  • Promote and share our event flyer, inviting others to join as you see fit.

  • A one-time fee of $250 or an interchangeable agreement to be discussed and agreed upon.

  • Lead or work on one of our committees or assign someone to the task.

  • Your participation at each summit is encouraged.


To join this endeavor as a sponsor or affiliate, please email us at and call Pastor William Green at 917-302-3382 for further discussion and any interchangeable agreements that are not monetary. Also, see sponsorship flyer below.


We look forward to your support and participation.


In Christ,

The America First Warehouse with Joe the Box, Real America’s Voice with Host David Zere, and The Mordecai Mission Organization with Pastor William Green.

Sponsorship Flyer:


Donate via Venmo: @Joseph-Verderber-3

MM and TAFW Venmo
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