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The America First Warehouse Mission

To SAVE AMERICA by advancing the America First agenda.

What America First Means

America First is NOT about political party affiliation.  It’s about AMERICA.  It means THE AMERICAN PEOPLE COME FIRST.


America First means the American government has an unequivocal, solemn responsibility to serve the best interests of a sovereign America and its people …  Recognizing that America must remain the greatest, strongest, most free, most self-deterministic, and most prosperous country in the world – for the sake of peace and prosperity throughout the world.


America First Policies

  • Individual Liberty and Self Determination

  • Constitutionally Limited Government

  • Border Integrity, LEGAL Immigration, and National Sovereignty

  • Military Superiority and Peace through Strength

  • Free-market Economy, not crony capitalism

  • Fiscal Responsibility, not multi-generational debt

  • Energy Independence – a national security priority and needed to maximize broad prosperity


Promote and Preserve America’s Greatness

  • Judeo-Christian Values

  • Absolute Truth

  • The Constitution, Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under the Law

  • Constitutionally Enshrined Freedom

  • Opportunity for All and The American Dream

  • The Traditional Way of American Life

  • Faith, Family, and Freedom

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