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You can’t fight the future. You can try to run from it, however.

Avery always followed the rules, even as the late-21st-century kept changing them almost hourly. He went to school. He got a respectable job in the megacity of San Josisco. At night he took social sensitivity therapy just because his girlfriend thought it was a good idea. He was a nice guy. Life wasn’t easy but everything was worth it because he had a goal: a life of freedom on Mars.

Then one small act of kindness made him public enemy number one.

Now he’s a nice guy on the run from pretty much everyone: the United Nations, a small army of socially conscious armed drones, the local authorities, and a crazy reality show co-hosted by his ex. Just to name a few. His only hope? A band of insane outlaws in the badlands of what used to be called Texas.

Avery’s in a bigger mess than he ever could have imagined and he has no clue how he’s going to get to Mars . . . or even survive.

Neither Stunning nor Brave by Michael Loftus

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