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You’ve been told that J6 was a violent insurrection against the United States by a group of angry, fringe, MAGA supporters… What if it wasn’t? What if the reason the J6 footage was withheld for years and the topic has been so censored is that there is more to the story? What if there really was a War on Truth?


The War on Truth will finally pull back the curtain on J6 with actual evidence. In this documentary we talk to actual witnesses, provide video evidence, and ask the tough questions. Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump or the political environment we live in, we owe it to ourselves to understand what truly happened on that day.


Was J6 an insurrection or is there something to the so called “conspiracy theories” that J6 was instigated? What really happened that day? Everyone from both sides of the political spectrum owe it to themselves to look at the evidence and ask: was J6 a violent insurrection, or was this whole thing part of the War on Truth?

Chris Burgard's "The War on Truth" DVD

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