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A generation ago, Ronald Reagan mapped out and executed a strategy for taking down the last totalitarian communist regime that sought America’s destruction: the Soviet Union’s “evil empire.” We can settle for no less with respect to our time’s “existential threat to freedom.” The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can and must be thwarted in its determined bid to crush liberty, destroy our country, and institute what Xi Jinping calls “global governance, directed and enforced from Beijing.

This book represents the fruits of a comprehensive effort to develop and champion a Reaganesque strategy for our time. It draws upon a comprehensive program of some seventy webinars conducted by the Committee on the Present Danger: China addressing: 1) the CCP’s decades-long self-described “Unrestricted Warfare” against America; and 2) the role America’s elites have played in helping the Chinese Communists win.

Drawing upon all this content, The Indictment identifies nine criminal “charges” that can and must be brought and prosecuted, at least in the court of public opinion, against the Chinese Communist Party and its American enablers. If, moreover, the CCP is designated as the Transnational Criminal Organization it is, actual criminal prosecutions of the Party and its friends should also be possible.

The Indictment also enumerates twenty specific actions that are required to punish the perpetrators of war crimes against America and humanity—and defeat those likely in the offing.

The Indictment is intended to inspire and equip congressional investigators, patriotic executive branch officials, journalists, and the public at large to review these charges and recommended actions for a surpassingly important and extremely urgent purpose: Bringing to justice and taking down the Chinese Communist Party for its horrific criminal conduct—past, present, and that which is in the works—against its own people and countless others, including ours.

The Indictment by Frank Gaffney

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